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Buy Neopoints – The quick way of getting rich!

I’m guessing you got hooked onto Neopets too? Well I’m here to tell you all about it and try to cover the basics about it. In case you didn’t already know, Neopets is about taking care and personalizing your pets. The type of currency Neopets’ uses is called neopoints. Neopoints can be used to buy many things, including food, toys, weapons, books, and much more to better your pet. In Neopets, the thing that makes it so addicting, so fun, is your goal. Everyone has one, whether it’s saving up for that paintbrush or morphing potion. Everything is pretty much about your pets, you could say. Now there are many ways to get neopoints, many of which are simple yet take a lot of time.

Earning Neopoints

Restocking your shop, playing games, and dailies are some ways just to name a few. I myself as a very experienced user find it tiresome and difficult, as I play many games a day, do all of my dailies, and even then add up to a grand total of… 15,000 neopoints. Plus the added fact that you have to take care of your pets–that means feeding, health (your pets get sick; medicine is quite costly nowadays), mood (you have to buy toys to make them happy!), and plenty of other things.

There are also other ways such as wishing well (which in all of my time on Neopets has never benefited my whatsoever except waste neopoints), and stocks (which you must have the patience for to wait for the stocks to go down and up.)Now given I go on every single day and do the same thing can add up to something, but it can be extremely boring, and I simply don’t have the time to go do those things. Well here’s a simple way: Got your eye on that adorable baby paint brush you’ve been dying to get to paint your pet into a super cute baby? Or fancy that lovely Ylana’s Blaster you really want to go beat everyone with in battledome? Well guess what? You can buy neopoints at NeopointWarehouse, where all of your Neopets’ dreams and goals that might’ve took 5 or 6 years to accomplish can be there in a matter of days.

Buy Neopoints – The Secret Revealed

All you have to do is just buy it. I can see why you might be skeptical about this. After all, couldn’t I get frozen for this? Let me tell you, there is an extremely low freeze rate as everything is 100% legit. I have never heard of anyone being frozen from this, I can assure you. If you buy neopoints from NeopointWarehouse, it is very safe,, as they are verified PayPal user. NeopointWarehouse offers many items and services, including:
– Neopoints at $5 per million.
– Paintbrushes, Avatar items, Hidden Tower items, and Battledome weapons, priced very reasonably
– Aged Accounts
– Avatar, Trophy, and Kadoatery Services.

Check them out today, at

Frequently Asked Questions – We know you guys are a curious bunch…

How would I know you guys are not a scam.We’ve been in the industry for several years, and would gladly ask our frequent customers to vouch for us, but we don’t, since we respect their privacy, and want to ensure their account safety. In short, we greatly value any customer, whether you make small or large purchases, and would want their returned purchases, so why would we ruin it by scamming you of a couple of dollars! Our prices are cheap enough, Neopoints are 100% legit, we are a completely legit business.We’re a legit group of veteran Neopets players, whose main aim is to help people quickly get Neopoints, if they’re unable to devote time to the game. We’re not here to scam anybody. If you want to give us a chance and test us out, you could always start off with a small amount.Sceptical? You can always try out a small amount of neopoints, with a newly created side account. We’ll show you that we’re not a scam!

How do i make payments for the purchases?

As long as you’ve a Paypal account, Visa Gift cards, Credit Card, Debit Card, Master Card, Visa Card, American Express… or almost any card, you can buy neopoints from us!


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